Swift Performance Plugin Free Download

Swift Performance Plugin Free download v2.3.6.4 [GPL]

Swift Performance Plugin free download v2.3.6.4. Download Swift Performance WordPress Plugin free. We collect the best Swift Performance plugins online for our users. Hopefully, our users can feel a little bit of this premium version of the Swift Performance Plugin before purchasing. Our shared file link is not Swift Performance nulled or cracked; this is a 100% genuine GPL file, and you can use this Swift Performance GPL file on unlimited websites. But, We always recommended using the original version of Swift Performance. Because you need to update, and support and obviously you don’t want to carry any bugs or viruses with your free plugins. Below you can know more about the Premium Swift Performance Plugin.

Swift Performance Plugin Free Download

The Swift Performance plugin has to cache features

Swift Performance provides an intelligent, modern caching system. You can even cache AJAX requests and dynamic pages, and you can add exceptions (URLs, pages, or content-based rules).

The Swift Performance plugin has image optimization features

You need to optimize your images to get the best performance. Swift Performance provides a highly customizable, unlimited image optimizer.

The Swift Performance plugin has a database optimization feature

Keeping your database clean is important for speed. Swift Performance has a built-in DB Optimizer to maintain the WordPress database.

The Swift Performance plugin features CSS and JS optimization

One of the most important things for performance is to optimize static resource delivery. Swift Performance not only aggregates and shrinks CSS files but also automatically generates critical CSS for each page.

The Swift Performance plugin has a Plugin Organizer feature

Plugin Organizer lets you disable plugins on specific pages and let the plugins run only where it is really needed.

Swift Performance Plugin has many more features

Setup Wizard, Advanced Caching, Intelligent LazyLoad

Unique Features Of Swift Performance Plugin

  1. Quick Setup: Swift Performance provides a simple step-by-step setup wizard with automatic configuration.
  2. Page Cache: Swift Performance will create a static version of your pages so that the browser can load them faster. Page caching reduces TTFB and also saves some server resources.
  3. Presets: Swift Performance also provides pre-configured presets, making it a quick and optimal solution for beginners.
  4. Browser Caching: Swift Performance adds headers to enable browser caching. Browser caching will speed up page loading and reduce traffic to your server.
  5. Export / Import: You can export/import your settings, so if you already find the ideal settings for you, it’s easy to move them to a production environment or even to another site.
  6. Proxy Caching: Proxy caching is a great option if your site uses a proxy like CloudFlare. This can greatly reduce the TTFB behind the proxy server.
  7. Whitelabel: The Whitelabel feature lets you easily rebrand Swift for your clients.
  8. Cache Preloading: Swift Performance provides a cache preload feature, this WordPress will preload your cacheable pages and create cache for visitors. It can detect if any changes have been made (post / page or product publish / update, new comments, stock / price of a product has been updated, etc …) and automatically recreates the cache.
  9. Improved: Swift Performance uses a wide range of filters, actions and constants, so if you’re an advanced user, it’s easy to customize for your project.
  10. Lazyload Component Ajaxify: Lazyload component is an advanced feature. Thanks to this feature you don’t have to skip the whole page just because you have a small dynamic part.

More Features Of Swift Performance Plugin

  1. CSS Optimization: One of the most important things for performance is to optimize static resource delivery. Swift Performance not only aggregates and shrinks CSS files, but also automatically generates critical CSS for each page.
  2. AJAX Cache: With Swift Performance you can specify cacheable AJAX actions, these requests can be cached just like your pages. This will speed up the entire page load time for your visitors.
  3. Async Execute Javascripts: Huge consolidated JavaScript files can still be render-blocking.
  4. Image Optimizer: Swift Performance comes with a built-in, unlimited Image Optimizer. You can fine-tune your JPEG and PNG images and create a WebP version using our Image Optimizer API.
  5. Smart YouTube Embed: The browser will not load unnecessary resources (or before embedding in the viewport on the mobile) until the visitor video starts with the Smart YouTube embed feature, but will provide the same user experience:
  6. Apache: With Apache, you can select specific pages (or even entire sites) that will be preloaded for visitors at first sight using the browser’s application cache. This can dramatically increase the speed on your site. You can configure Appcache for desktop and mobile separately.

Update Log Of Swift Performance v2.3.6.4

  • [FIX] Minor bugfixes
  • [IMPROVE] Improve compatibility with visual builders
  • [IMPROVE] Lazyload with WebP
  • [IMPROVE] New Frontpage rule for Plugin Organizer
  • [NEW] WebP support for background images
  • [NEW] Exceptions for Keep Original Headers feature

Free Download Swift Performance Plugin



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