WHMCS Plugin For WordPress Free Download

WHMpress For WordPress WHMCS Plugin Free Download v5.8[ GPL ]

WHMCS – WHMpress Plugin free download v5.8 Download WHMCS WordPress Plugin free. We collect the best WHMCS plugins online for our users. Hopefully, our users can feel a little bit of this premium version of the WHMCS Plugin before purchasing. Our shared file link is not WHMCS nulled or cracked; this is a 100% genuine GPL file, and you can use this WHMCS GPL file on unlimited websites. But, We always recommended using the original version of WHMCS. Because you need to update, and support and obviously you don’t want to carry any bugs or viruses with your free plugins. Below you can know more about the Premium WHMCS.

WHMCS Plugin For WordPress Free Download

New upselling features based on pricing sliders, comparison tables, and long-term discounts are now part of this package (please download the full package). The addon price was 19 which is now part of the package. Previous customers will also be able to download 5.8 at no extra cost. WHMCS Plugin For WordPress Free.

Inside features are:

  1. Logo Pricing tables with duration discounts.
  2. WHMCS Auto Package Comparison.
  3. Brand New VPS/ Cloud Sliders with discounts.

WHMCS Plugins Facilities

WHMpress lets you smoothly drag your WHMCS products, domains, and prices into WordPress and display them in a variety of ways, including package comparison tables, price lists, and order buttons. Clients will be taken to your WHMCS to complete their purchases. If you want to keep your clients on your WordPress site, you need to purchase our separately available ‘Client Area Add-ons’. The WHMPress plugin was created by creativeON, a web host and development company operating since 2000. In addition to the demo, you can see live examples of WHMPress on the creativeON web hosting site.

WHMpress is designed for web hosts with flexibility in mind. It is highly customizable (so it matches) your existing website design. This will eliminate the backlog between WordPress and WHMCS to accommodate price and package changes. Visit WHMpress to get maximum peace of mind. WHMpress is designed for web hosts with flexibility in mind. It is highly customizable, so it matches your existing website design.

This plugin is developed for professional Webhosting companies

WHMpress brings your hosting plan name, price, order link, and domain list from WHMCS and displays them in the form of Fancy Price Tables, Order Combos, Order Buttons, and Domain Price Tables. It offers you Shortcodes to insert these elements wherever you want on your WordPress Webhosting site.

WHMpress Sync pulls data from your WHMCS database through your WordPress database, so any changes you make to WHMCS can be quickly applied to your WordPress site via a simple sync – no need to enter data twice.

Made from scratch by a Webhosting company with a deep love for WHMCS. With all the tools you need to create the perfect web hosting site from WordPress and WHMCS, WHMpress is your last stop, a fully loaded WHMCS bridged and integrated website that can give you more options to showcase your web hosting services.

WHMpress Features

1. Multicurrency
WHMpress offers multi-currency pricing by allowing your end-user to select a currency from within the WP site while browsing the website. (Not time to order).

2. Shortcode template (skins)
WHMpress lets you change the face of all shortcode offers. This is especially effective when you plan to match complex pricing tables with your existing WP themes. More than 10 pricing table templates/layouts included + also many more matching popular themes. You can add as many as you like.

3. Cache
WHMpress caches your pricing, domain list, and everything else needed in WordPress, so you don’t have to fetch it from WHMCS every time, giving you the ultimate performance.

4. Automatically calculated discount
WHMpress is not just for copying prices from WHMCS. Its WP WHMCS integration calculates the discounts you’ve been offering for many years and goes one step further by showing them directly in the pricing table and order links. Showing visitors how much they will save is a proven way to increase sales. If you need custom pricing tables, we will design them for you up to 10, click here to order.

6. Highly Flexible Ajax Domain Search
Ajax domain search inside your WP with many options. Search and Home page but show results on your domain page.

7. Name and description of the multilingual package
Override package/service name/details by language.
And a complete list of features you won’t find with any other WP-WHMCS bridge or WP-WHMCS integration solution. Scroll down for more.

Ajax Domain Search

Ajax based domain search is fully integrated with WHMCS

  • Growing up with a simple interface to add more than 540+ whois servers and more Whois servers.
  • Supports new domains
  • Support all cctlds (with or without whois server)
  • Don’t limit multiple instances of supported domain searches to just one page, place the search box at the top bar, slider, or home page and redirect the results to your domain page.
  • 540+ domains supported.
  • Display suggested domains via Ajax.
  • Bulk search options.
  • 4 different shortcodes to suit your specific needs.
  • Display individual shortcodes for domain search and results for ultimate flexibility.

Fully customize your message for

  • Customize Domain Not Available Message.
  • Customize Domain Available Messages.
  • “Custom Text for Domain Search Button.
  • Customize placeholders for the domain search box.
  • Domain not available for ongoing consultation Customizes the message.
  • Make any changes to the suggestions to show in each refresh via Ajax.
  • Option to show your top-selling TLDs above.

Multilingual (WPML Compatible)

WHMpress is now multilingual ready and supports the standard WordPress translation method using .po / .mo files. All strings are ready for translation for both backend and frontend. Currently available translations:


The logo is extremely flexible

We knew from the beginning that our users would host themselves (and not end-users), so we created WHMpress with flexibility in mind. It is flexible enough to adapt to any theme and change any shape. Consider this, the price shortcode (use to show the price of a product) has more than 10 parameters that you can use to customize the price.

Logo admin area

Everything is handled through the admin area and in most cases, you do not need to go to WHMCS for vital product-related information.

Logo shortcode default

This is a feature that you will rarely see in any plugin. Power users can set default values ​​for each shortcode in the admin panel. This helps to avoid setting up parameters for each shortcode when inserting them.

Logo integrated but isolated

Concerned about your WHMCS security and server and client data? The WHMCS password is never saved. Your WHMCS is 100% secure. Even if your front-end WP compromises, this is a secure WP-WHMCS bridge solution.

Logo high speed

WHMpress caches your WHMCS configuration once in WordPress and then uses it from within WordPress. This is how the WHMCS bridge was built without compromising speed and safety.

Logo easy setup:

All you have to do is enter your WHMCS information once and let WHMPpress do the magic. It could not be easier. If you’re familiar with WordPress and have a worksite, it takes less than an hour to grow your web-hosting business with the best WHMCS WordPress integration.

Lots of logo shortcodes

  1. We have a shortcode for everything. There are more than 25 shortcodes
  2. Pricing
  3. Product prices
  4. Price matrix products
  5. Pricing table
  6. Price box
  7. Price matrix domain
  8. >Order
  9. Designed Order button
  10. Flexible Order combo (with the automatic discount calculation)
  11. Order link and URL
  12. Purchase Domain
  13. Domain Search
  14. Domain Whois
  15. Ajax Domain Search (with name Spinner)
  16. All TLDs and ccTLDs are supported by WHMCS
  17. Bulk domain search
  18. Site-wide domain search (search from any page and land results on the domain page)
  19. WHMCS
  20. Login form
  21. WHMCS link
  22. Others
  23. Coin
  24. Live Currency Changer / Currency Select (Allow user to select currency)
  25. Package name/information announcement And more…
    WHMpress WHMPress – WHMCS can be extended with plugins in the WP integration stack.

WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack, a series of plugins designed and created for web hosts that sell as frontend with WHMCS and WordPress. Each plugin works independently and collaborates with other WHMPress plugins during installation.

WHMpress- WHMCS Plugin For WordPress Free Download



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Change Log Of WHMpress For WordPress WHMCS

5.7-revision-3 (27-07-2021)

– Improve Price Matrix Domain.
5.7-revision-2 (19-07-2021)

– Add hide show parameters in Price Matrix Domain.
5.7-revision-1 (08-07-2021)

– Bugs fixed in Domain Price shortcode.
5.7-revision-0 (03-07-2021)

– Improve loading time in Price Matrix Domain
– Removed commented code.

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